The Best Sun Umbrellas Of 2015 – Review


Whether you’re looking for a personal parasol umbrella or something that provides much more coverage, there’s something for everyone. In most cases, people love using a sun umbrella at the beach, on their patio, or when at a restaurant during the sunlight hours.

What benefits do sun umbrellas provide?

Aside from the obvious benefit of protecting you from direct sunlight, they offer other perks as well. With the blockage of sunlight, many umbrellas also provide protection from harmful UV rays. These are the dangerous rays that damage your skin and cause long-term troubles. Since these wonderful UV protection umbrellas block sunlight and UV rays, they also help to keep the shaded area cooler during the hot day. In many climates, avoiding direct sunlight and feeling a light breeze is enough to enjoy the gorgeous weather without putting your body and skin in harm’s way.

Understanding where you plan to use your umbrella

One of the things to remember is to have a plan of where you’re going to use your umbrella. For instance, if you purchase a large umbrella, it may be best to use this at the beach or on your patio with your table. If you decide to use a personal sun parasol, it will not provide you with as much protection from the sun.

The Best Sun Umbrellas Of 2015

Let’s take a look at some of the best sun umbrellas in 2015. Some of these products were created prior to 2015 and continue to be the best on the market in their specific categories. The factors we analyzed during this review is the customer satisfaction, size, mobility, and cost.

  • Coolibar UPF50+ Titanium Travel Umbrella – This is a large sun umbrella. It is large enough to provide shade for a small area, though it will not shade an entire patio. It has received numerous positive reviews and is lightweight and has a double-canopy design. See more details about the Coolibar here.
  • The BRELLI – This is a designer umbrella and has tons of people talking about it on social media (see the video below). It is a fancy, personal parasol. It would not be used as an umbrella to provide protection for an entire patio, but even the clear version of this UV sun umbrella has proven to be effective at blocking dangerous UV rays. The BRELLI can be found in a variety of sizes and styles, including one of their most popular, the grey sun parasol. See more details about the BRELLI here.
  • Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor – This beach umbrella is just that – a beach umbrella. The 7 foot canopy provides sun protection over a large area and can be used on a patio or with a table to provide shade and UV protection over a large area. This umbrella is not to be used as a personal parasol. See more details about the Tommy Bahama here.

In addition the functionality and effectiveness of an umbrella, you also want to satisfy your fashion or design needs. In some cases, a plain, solid-color umbrella can do the trick. However, if you are using a personal umbrella as an accessory to your outfit, something a bit more stylish may be necessary. Regardless of your plans and goals, make sure to do your research before you decide which is the best for you.

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